Wines by Aizia

Wines by Aizia is a registered importer of fine wines from Croatia to the wine trade, restaurants, wine bars and UK consumers. We offer our customers an online membership wine club, wine tasting events and tours to the vineyards in Croatia.

The company is owned by Mikki and David Hall. Passionate about Croatian wine, culture and food, Mikki and David have for years explored the vineyards of Croatia and visited their wine cellars. They experienced first-hand the passion of local winemakers and their desire to keep improving the quality and variety of their wines. But, finding Croatian wine in the UK is not easy and they set out on the journey to change this

Mikki, was born in Croatia, when at the age of 19 moved to England and became a UK citizen. Has a Masters in Marketing, a degree in Business & Finance and a WSET level 2 qualification in wines and spirits. Prior to starting the company, she was the Global Marketing Director for an international company.

Wines by Aizia was incorporated in 2016, a subsidiary of Aizia ltd, a UK professional business transformation and marketing consultancy specialising in customer experience, marketing and business improvement.